Mr. Ali Shuaibi, a Saudi Arabian architect and planner, is a co-founder of Beeah Planners, Architects and Engineers, based in Riyadh, with projects in Saudi Arabia, Oman, Yemen, Pakistan and Djibouti. Mr. Shuaibi teaches design at King Saud University, and is co-editor of the Urban Heritage Encyclopaedia. Several of his projects have received national and international awards, including the Al-Kindi Plaza at Hayy Assafarat, the diplomatic quarter in Riyadh, which received an Aga Khan Award for Architecture in 1989 and the Architectural Project Award of the Organisation of Arab Towns in 1990. With Beeah, he is currently at work on the National Museum in Riyadh, the Institute of Public Administration in Jeddah, and the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Tunis. Mr. Shuaibi was a member of the 1992 Aga Khan Award for Architecture Master Jury and the 1995 Award Steering Committee.