Abdullatif Al Fozan Award for Mosque Architecture

Abdullatif Al Fozan Award for Mosque Architecture was established in 2011, it’s targeting the architectural, urban, and technical aspects of mosques all over the world, and It will be awarded to the related designer/architect. The award is triennial; the winning mosques will be awarded based on assessment of an international architectural jurors experienced with mosque architecture, who will relatively evaluate and assign the winning mosques. The candidate mosques will be categorized into three categories; Central Mosques, Jumaa’ Mosques, and local mosques.

AlFozan Social Foundation

The company’s deep-rooted commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility is embodied by the establishment of Al Fozan Social Foundation. Founded to pursue social responsibilities and charity work in a sustainable manner, it regularly initiates and participates in productive and sustainable charitable endeavours. These include providing affordable housing, improving living conditions for those in need, and building rehabilitation centers for those with special needs.


Kuwait University

Kuwait University is the State of Kuwait’s national university, leading in both higher education and scientific research. It was established in 1966 as the state’s first public institution of higher education and research. It had made significant advances since its establishment nearly 50 years ago and has evolved into a multi-faculty institution of higher education comprised of 17 colleges offering 91 undergraduate and 82 graduate programs.

Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad Cultural Center

The Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Cultural Centre (JACC), informally known as the Kuwait Opera House, is a cultural center in Kuwait. It is the largest cultural center and opera house in the Middle East The cultural center is part of the new Kuwait National Cultural District.

The Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Cultural Centre is a multidisciplinary public space owned by the Amiri Diwan. It offers a range of events in music, theatre, film, conferences, workshops and spoken word.


Journal of Engineering Research:

Journal of Engineering Research (JER) is an international, peer reviewed journal which publishes full length original research papers, reviews, case studies related to all areas of Engineering such as: Civil, Mechanical, Industrial, Electrical, Computer, Chemical, Petroleum, Aerospace, Architectural, etc. JER is intended to serve a wide range of educationists, scientists, specialists, researchers and similar professionals in different engineering disciplines. Our target is to reach all universities, research centers and institutes in the globe.


CRAterre is an Association and a Research Laboratory of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Grenoble , which brings together researchers, professionals and teachers, and works with many partners , which makes it possible to establish creative links. between research, field actions, training and dissemination of knowledge and know-how on raw earthen construction techniques in France and all over the world.



The International Institute for Central Asian Studies (IICAS) was established in August 1995 in Samarkand (Uzbekistan) as a direct outcome of the UNESCO Silk Roads Expeditions. The idea of founding the Institute was conceived during the Steppe Route Expedition across Central Asia, one of the expeditions organized within the framework of UNESCO Project "Integral Study of the Silk Roads: Roads of Dialogue", a major project of the World Decade for Cultural Development (1987-1997).