Hasan-Uddin Khan, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Architecture & Historic Preservation, Roger Williams University, has lived and worked as an architect, educator and writer all over the globe. He graduated from the Architectural Association, London, in 1972, after which he was in private practice in England and Pakistan. He helped set up the Aga Khan Award for Architecture in 1977 and was its second Convenor and worked for the Aga Khan Trust for Culture as Head of Architecture and Director of Special Projects until 1994. He was founder and Editor-in-Chief of the journal Mimar: Architecture in Development, and Academic Editor of the International Journal of Islamic Architecture. He was Visiting Associate Professor at MIT (1994–1999); Visiting Professor at Berkeley in 2000 and 2007; and joined Roger Williams University in 1999, retiring from academia in 2020.

He lectures widely, and is editor/author of ten books – including, The Religious Architecture of Islam in two volumes (Co-editor, 2022), The Architecture of Habib Fida Ali (2012), Le Corbusier, Chandigarh and The Modern City (co-editor, 2009), The Middle East: 1900-2000 (English and Chinese editions, 2001), International Style 1925-1965, (in several languages, 1998, paperback 2002, reissued 2009), The Mosque and the Modern World, (co-author, 1997), Contemporary Asian Architects (1995) – and has over seventy published articles in international journals and books.