Attilio Petruccioli

Icomos/ Unesco expert

He holds a degree in Architecture from the Università di Roma La Sapienza ( 1970 ) and a degree in Oriental Studies from the University of Venice Cà Foscari ( 1980 ) Professor of Architecture, Doctoral School Architettura e Costruzione, Draco, Università di Roma, La Sapienza Former Aga Khan Professor of Architecture for Islamic Societies at MIT and director of the Aga Khan Program at MIT and Harvard University 1994 – 1998.

From 1998 to 2012 professor of Landscape Architecture at the Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Polytechnic University of Bari, Italy, he served both as dean and director of the department.

From 2013 to 2017 professor of Landscape Architecture, Qatar University, Chief editor of Environmental Design. Journal of the Islamic Environmental Design Research Centre.

Registered Architect since 1974, Italy and associate A.I.A. American Institute of Architects He has consulted and provided professional advice in the field of Islamic heritage and development in most of the Arab countries, among them: Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Palestina, Syria, Saudi Arabia.In particular Plan of revitalization and conservation of the historical district of Sana’a (Yemen). Project patronized by the Italian Foreign Ministry ( 1985) for Bonifica srl;Consultant of the project “Convenzione LIBIA” – “Historic centres of Derna and Bengazi,revitalization of the historic buildings in order to attract investments, Sponsored by Ministry of Tourism, Lybia ( 2009 ); Revitalization of Arwad, Tartus and Maaloula in Syria – The World Bank (2010 ); Coordinator of the project: “Guidelines for the safeguard of Ebla, Syria”, sponsored by the MAE Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the IAM Istituto Agronomico Mediterraneo ( 2010-2012 ); Arriyadh Urban Development Program.Arriyadh Central Area Urban Renewal Framework, advisor to the ADA ( 2012 ) and Strategic Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Tourism Plan.Review and Update of the Structure Plan of the capital Thimphu, Bhutan – The world Bank (2013-2014);

As a result of his long lasting and passionate interest in both architectural design and history of Islamic architecture, he has written and edited 34 books and more than 210 articles on these topics. Among the books

Dar al Islam. La architettura del territorio nei paesi islamici, Roma, Carucci, 1985; Il giardino islamico. Architettura, natura, Paesaggio, Milan, Electa, 1994; Understanding Islamic Architecture, London, Routledge, 2002, with Khalil Pirani; Bukhara. The Eastern Dome of Islam, Stuttgart,2004, with Anette Gangler and Heinz Gaube; After Amnesia. Learning from the Islamic Mediterranean Urban Fabric, Bari, 2007 ; C. D’Amato Guerrieri and A. Petruccioli. Australian lectures, Rome, 2014; The City in the Islamic World. Edited by Petruccioli A., Jayyusi S. K, Holod R, Raymond A. Leiden Boston, Brill, 2008, vol. 1-2.; The Mediterranean Medina. Edited by Petruccioli A., Micara L, Vadini E. Roma, Gangemi, 2009; Siwa. Actions for a Sustainable Development. Edited by A. Petruccioli and C. Montalbano, Bari, Icar, 2011