Paper Title Measures of Spatial Justice and Coexistence The Case of Cairo
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“Syntactic Measures of Spatial Equit and Coexistence” – A Review

Overall, this is a well conceived and clearly organized paper that provides the reader with insight into the academic literature, valuable historical context, technical analysis, and meaningful conclusions.

This paper has a clear abstract, raising the core question of spatial equity regarding mosques and churches in two areas of Cairo, Egypt. The author provides both historical context and a brief review of conceptual issues regarding terminology (equity and justice) and methodological approaches for measuring spatial equity (integration and choice).

Although the section on Models for Measuring Spatial Equity appears to be a work in progress, the author is to be commended for giving the reader clear indications of other work on this topic that provides theoretical rigor.

The organizational structure of the paper is clear, and the bulk of the paper is a review of the investigative findings in Shubra and Heliopolis, with very helpful photographs and graphics.

The bibliographic source list complements the critical citation of specialty analyses of the conceptual issues and methodological approaches.

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