Paper Title Readaptation of malay vernacular concept for indoor thermal comfort in malaysia modern masjids.
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The paper is accepted with comments.

• As the researchers selected the main prayer hall to be analyzed in terms of thermal comfort, and it is located at the middle of the mosque, the title of the manuscript needs to be changed. It is highly recommended to remove the words “Façade Design” and replace it with “Envelop Design”. The term “Envelop” reflects the results of the study in a more accurate way, as it focusses on the design of different elements (roof, openings, materials, height, layout, and clearstory openings…).
• Table (1) is not clear. There is no direct link between most of the vernacular inspirations and the design of the National Mosque. Are these inspirations part of the concept and based on the thoughts of the original architects, or suggestions from the authors?
• Conclusion needs more elaboration about the final findings and needs to give recommendations for designers.
• Do not use clear judgment without evidence. In the conclusion part, for example, the authors stated that: “Not only that it is beautiful in terms of overall appearance and outlook”. What is the evidence for that?
• There are still the comments from the copyeditor that needs to be confirmed from the author.

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