Paper Title The Hidden Mathematics and Geometry in Formation of Mosque Architecture and its Morphological Expression
Unique ID ICMA-P1375

Fascinating insights yet needs more methodological depth and cross analysis

- Very fascinating paper that clearly discusses various Islamic Mosques with regards to different stages of significant Islamic empire/rule.
- Need to summarize major discussions points/findings in the abstract
- Methodology needs to be discussed further. The paper needs to have a methods section to detail exactly how the spatial configuration has been implemented and also further clarification needs to be done to understand the role of space syntax in this paper as an analysis tool?
- Can you cross analyze the different Mosque designs and there geometries rather than discussing each period separately. This will give an opportunity to find patterns, relationships, and interesting findings.
- A diagram which shows critical Mosques studied over the years as a timeline and add intervals with mathematical and geometric changes/development to the design will be very helpful.
- More depth regarding the literature covered, recommend an important reference: AlFaruqi, I. and AlFaruqi, L. (1982). The Cultural Atlas of Islam. New York, NY:McMillan.

Therefore, recommended is to accept the paper with the above minor changes.

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