Paper Title GSAS Rating System and Opportunities for Enhancing Environmental Performance of Mosques
Unique ID ICMA-P1483

The title should be modified to reflect the scope of work. A suggested title is provided in the revised file.

The abstract presents a good comparative study between the typical design practices of mosques in Kuwait and sustainable ones in Qatar using the Global Sustainability Assessment System. The idea is pure and the findings are promising. However, few suggestions are proposed.
(1) The definition of the governmental authority PAHW should not be part of the Abstract, rather the Introduction;
(2) The findings should be clearly identified in terms of specific environmental parameters (i.e., energy-use, carbon footprint .. etc.);
(3) some additional editorial comments are provided in the revised file.

Download File: Conference-Abstract-1-GSAS-mosque-1498d3da_revised-dc83b012.docx
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