Paper Title Designing a sustainable Mosque prototype for humanitarian
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The title does not reflect the content of the paper, so it deserves to be reviewed.

The topic may be very interesting. The content of the paper is well structured. The list of authors mentioned in the references is not highlighted in the developed paper. However, the development of the Mosque is limited to some generalities. the author mentioned the fourth type of Mosque without defining or describing neither the characteristics nor the activities of the fourth type of Mosque.
Concerning the proposal, the author should review the proposal by demonstrating the flexibility and the different combinations of the module (whether in two or three dimensions) and the different spatial organizations illustrating the basic activities of the Mosque. The author may concentrate on one issue, whether organizational or tectonic, and develop it in detail.
from the linguistic point if view, the syntax of the text needs some lifting.
Conclusion: The topic is very interesting but it needs to be reviewed seriously.

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